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The DPI are pleased to announce the upcoming next release of available Apiary sites via the Expressions of Interest process. 

Around 50 vacant apiary sites on LLS Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves around NSW will be offered with locations in the Murray, South East, Central West and Northern Tablelands regions. 

The sites will be published on a map on the DPI website on the 30th of January. Visit this page on the 30th for a link to this map and the form to apply for sites. Sites will be available to apply for on the website for four weeks.

You can read more about the EOI application and allocation process on the DPI website

To prepare for the EOI you can scan or download the following documents you will require for an application:

·Insurance Policy documents including $20m of Public Liability Insurance.

·A completed declaration of compliance with the Biosecurity Code of Practice.

·Completion certificates for the PHA Biosecurity Online Training (“BOLT”) or the DPI Pests & Diseases course.

If you have any further questions about the EOI don't hesitate to contact us on apiary.sites@dpi.nsw.gov.au 

Nick Geoghegan | Program Coordinator, Apiary Sites
Intensive Livestock
NSW Department of Primary Industries | Agriculture
Locked Bag 21 | 161 Kite St | Orange NSW 2800 
T:   +61 2 6391 3464

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